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Mental Health First Aid is for everyone, just like physical first aid is for everyone

Specialised training for workplaces, individuals & community groups

Located near Hobart, Tasmania delivering training statewide and nationally

Personal development coaching, Psychotherapy, counselling & social work services

Our mission towards the community

AAT offers evidence-based workplace training to empower staff at all levels with essential mental health navigation skills. Our accredited programs such as Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, and Conversations about Suicide training teach participants how to discuss mental illness effectively, prevent challenges from becoming worse and effective intervention skills to prevent and intervene with suicide.

We deliver customized workshops designed to foster thriving workplaces through strategic skill development and knowledge enhancement. By supporting staff and organizations in strengthening wellbeing and fostering positive cultures, we aim to boost profitability, enhance job satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Whether at our unique facility located 20 minutes from Hobart, Tasmania or at your location, we provide a safe, engaging, and practical learning environment.

At AAT, we prioritize wellbeing, believing that collaboration with organizations can empower individuals to thrive both professionally and within the broader community.

Our mission? To enhance wellbeing through knowledge, skills, and confidence, promoting thriving workplaces and addressing preventable tragedies like suicide.

What is AAT's origins?

“Workplaces are in a pivotal position to support individual and team wellbeing. When workplaces invest in their staff they invest in their business success both financially and at a deeper level. I have hope that with increased strategies to assist life, together we can better support each other – it takes a village”

Our comprehensive training is designed to cultivate crucial and diverse skills.

Empower yourself with skills that promote a sense of individual responsibility for self-care and gain valuable options to support yourself in addition to family, friends, and colleagues.

We are humans not robots and everyone has mental health! “You don’t know what you don’t know”

With the right knowledge, we can bridge gaps in the current healthcare system and make a difference as a community. Join AAT, and let’s build a healthier, more compassionate community together.

Your journey to tranquility and balance begins here.


the course was professionally presented , interactive and informative. you provided good opportunities for discussion and differing perspectives. . There are no recommendations that i would make to improve the course as everything was on point. I highly recommend your skills and you as an Instructor . You kept the course, on point, on time and of a very high standard, in addition to working as a well oiled machine with the Co-facilitator.

“I am so glad I did this course and learnt new skills that I intend to put into practice. The Instructer presented the material in a very engaging, interesting and clear manner and I would definitely do any other relevant courses with her again.”

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AAT acknowledges the traditional custodians, the Palawa people of the land in which we live, work and play on. We recognise deep feelings of attachment to country, water, sun, moon, universe, all living things and the energy that combines us as humans. We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We value elders; past, present and those unable to have the title of elder due to the impacts of colonisation.

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