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Origins of AAT - All About Tranquil

Meet Michaela

AAT was founded in 2023 by Michaela Mitchell who is one person of the AAT team.

Michaela has significant professional and life experience she draws on to be the best practitioner she can for others.

“Life is an ongoing journey that involves discovery and growth, I am not at a destination, I am learning all the time so I can be the best version of myself”

Michaela’s career path in social work, mental health and wellbeing is not just a job; it’s a calling that reflects her unwavering commitment to making a real difference in people’s lives. Here’s a closer look at her journey and accomplishments:

In 2011, Michaela earned her qualification as a Social Worker, embarking on a journey that would see her gaining extensive experience in various roles. Her career has taken her on diverse paths, from clinical roles to non-clinical positions, showcasing her adaptability and expertise.

A Passion for Knowledge Sharing: Michaela’s work is fuelled by a genuine passion for sharing knowledge, making her an advocate for informed healthcare practices. Her commitment to education and awareness is a powerful tool for driving positive change in mental health.

Professional Accreditations: As an accredited Mental Health First Aid facilitator and an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) Trainer, Michaela is well-equipped to provide crisis intervention and mental health support, supporting individuals to get the help they need. Michaela is part of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and is working towards being a clinical social worker to enable clients to claim individual services under medicare.

Leadership and Management: Beyond her hands-on work with individuals, Michaela has stepped into leadership and management roles. This multifaceted experience allowed her to contribute not only to direct care but also to the strategic aspects of social work and mental health support.

Values-Driven Practice: Michaela’s practice is grounded in core values like authenticity, integrity, respect, courage, and hope. These values are the compass guiding her interactions and decisions, making her a compassionate and dedicated practitioner.

Respected by Colleagues: Michaela’s previous manager has stated “Michaela is one of this industries most dynamic, smart, practical and experienced. Her work ethic, drive and great humour is second to none- this is a person who is highly capable, that I would love to have in any business, every time over”. These praises highlight her outstanding capabilities and unwavering commitment to her field.

In summary, Michaela’s journey in social work, mental health and wellbeing is a testament to her dedication to improving the lives of others. Her wealth of experience, dedication to education and values-driven approach make her a standout professional, capable of making a significant impact in a variety of settings.

Meet Jen

Jen is making a positive impact in the realm of mental health support and education within workplaces. A versatile professional with over two decades of invaluable management experience spanning, hospitality, disability and mental health. Jen also currently holds a national position as a quality and compliance advisor.


Jen brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table. However, what truly sets her apart is the deeply personal connection to the subject matter. Her path of navigating and understanding the balance between professional and personal spheres is drawn upon to provide insight and understanding for others.

Jen is a passionate educator and advocate who thrives on creating an environment of openness. Jen has a vested interest to pave the way for honest conversations about mental health in the workplace and is actively fostering a culture where mental illness is destigmatized and wellbeing is prioritized.

Workplaces can be a source of purpose,strength and support

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) should be valued similarly to physical first aid. We all face life situations and it can impact our ability to do the things we want. When we are faced with situations like;

– a friend grappling with workplace bullying or physical health issues

– a coworker facing relationship difficulties or struggling with alcohol dependency

– a family member contending with teenage challenges or experiencing overwhelming stress

-supporting a client or your own mental health challenges

It pays to be equipped. We do not train you to be a therapist but we can certainly enhance skills and abilities.

Support received in the community can effectively address many challenges and by having these crucial skills it can prevent escalation or further distress.

Through AAT expertise in supporting skill development and knowledge acquisition, this is making a positive impact and can be a valuable asset for you too.

Our Testimonials

Instructor was engaging and presented course content with enthusiasm and plenty of practical and real life scenarios were discussed. Instructor encouraged and maintained an open and safe environment for all students to participate.

Continue doing what your doing Your warm personality is very comforting and your experience is invaluable. Enjoyed the real life situations shred (confidentially)

Excellent course instructor, would love to do more training with Michaela

“Very easy to engage with and presented in an interesting manner, made difficult subject matter easy to comprehend and didn’t make me feel silly when I asked questions.”

“Michaela was very relaxed and interactive with the group, helping everyone to feel at ease and happy to participate.”

“Michaela conducted herself in a professional manner and had explained all sections of this course with diligence in a wide verity of scenarios for all present to understand. She also had no hesitation in explaining the finer points not mentioned in this course totally and fully.”

Great balance of activities. Showed comprehensive understanding of different learning styles and had gone to a lot of thought to come up with active and engaging activities to make the content more accessible. Michaeala is clearly very knowledgeable regarding content but was also easy to engage with and managed the groups’ questions and concerns with compassion and kindness as well as the facts. Managed a group with disparate levels of prior experience and understanding of mental health with respect and professional approach and ensured all participants felt welcome and valued.”

thanks for your care and engagement with us, I felt comfortable to ask questions. You gave us food, energy lifting moments and the practical parts were fun.”

I found Michaela excellent in her role as a facilitator; knowledgeable, caring, assertive. I have done this course previously but really enjoyed Michaela’s very interactive style and her thought-provoking way of delivering and expanding on content as participants discussed it.

the course was professionally presented , interactive and informative. you provided good opportunities for discussion and differing perspectives. . There are no recommendations that i would make to improve the course as everything was on point. I highly recommend your skills and you as an Instructor . You kept the course, on point, on time and of a very high standard, in addition to working as a well oiled machine with the Co-facilitator.

The course content was up to date and delivered in a way that it would be easy to understand for participants who are new to MHFA. The group discussions. As previously stated this is where you have people of differing experiences apply the knowledge in the workshop to real-world scenarios and it compliments the already strong content.

I am so glad I did this course and learnt new skills that I intend to put into practice. The Instructer presented the material in a very engaging, interesting and clear manner and I would definitely do any other relevant courses with her again.

Great instructor, would definitely do more training with Michaela, makes you feel very welcome

Valuable course to expand your mind and knowledge in a society where MH is often compromised

Everyone doing the course participated well and contributed to all the exercises. All praised the content as informative and relevant and that the Instructor presented the information in an excellent manner.”

Michaela was fantastic, knew her stuff and was super approachable. I left the course with knowledge and confidence in myself to be able to better support my clients (or others) 10/10 !!”

Thank you very much for a very informative course”

Very easy to engage with and presented in an interesting manner, made difficult subject matter easy to comprehend and didn’t make me feel silly when I asked questions.”


AAT acknowledges the traditional custodians, the Palawa people of the land in which we live, work and play on. We recognise deep feelings of attachment to country, water, sun, moon, universe, all living things and the energy that combines us as humans. We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We value elders; past, present and those unable to have the title of elder due to the impacts of colonisation.

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